Music Room - 0:02
Responsible for all aspects. Modeled in Maya. Lit, shaded, and rendered in Arnold. Textures made in Photoshop. 
Procedural Pagoda Tool - 0:08
Responsible for all aspects. Building is procedurally generated with Python in Maya. Includes a functional GUI. Rendered image is shaded, lit, and rendered in Arnold and composited in Photoshop. 
Procedural Peach Tree Tool - 0:16
Responsible for all aspects. Procedurally modeled in Houdini, with much of the tool written in VEX. 
Oak Alley Plantation Model - 0:32
Responsible for all aspects. Based off the Oak Alley plantation house in New Orleans. Procedurally modeled for a short film (used in portfolio with permission of director) in Houdini and VEX.
Procedural Barn Tool - 0:39
Responsible for all aspects. Barn was originally modeled for a short film (used in portfolio with permission of director) and then converted into a tool. Created with Houdini, with some parts of the tool written in VEX.