This is the final result of a collaborative class between SCAD and The Mill New York. I was responsible for effects in UE4 Niagara (minus the tire burnout, which was done by my teammate Ian Harvey) and spline-based procedurally generated background assets (the various pinball racks). My other teammates, Anna Roan and Tristan Nguyen, modeled, textured, and lit the CG components of the ad.
The CG portion of this project was rendered in real time in Unreal Engine. Special thanks to our mentors at The Mill New York and Professors Deborah Fowler and Bridget Gaynor for their feedback and support, as well as our peers at SCAD who generously helped us with creating the live action portions of this ad. This project was also a finalist for Entelechy 2020 in the Real Time FX category. 
(My process can be seen in the blog, if you want to check it out.) 

Curve driven HDA, running in real time in Unreal. Interested in seeing the parameters and all that fun stuff? You can find it here