One comment I got was to add some sort of collision working with the fountain fireworks. I tried implementing this in Unreal, but turning on collisions and making the glass ceiling visible used a lot of draw calls, thus causing the frame rate to drop below 10 fps. It would probably be better to keep collisions off until we optimize the scene enough for the collisions to work without drastically impacting the frame rate. (02/15/2020)
Cold Spark Machine Integration (02/12/2020)
This blueprint is designed to spawn sparks in sequence as the car drives past. The blueprint uses a box collision to determine when the first spark boxes start producing sparks. A separate billboard (the griffin thing) determines where the boxes spawn. Two variables control the distance between the cold spark machines and a third variable controls the delay between each machine starting up.
The construction script modifies the blueprint while in editor. After getting the location of the billboard, the cold spark machine static mesh is spawned in editor at varying locations depending on the location of the billboard and the X/Y distance variables.
The blueprint itself runs when play starts. When the car enters the box collision of the blueprint, it triggers the Actor Begin Overlap event (above) and causes the spark machines to be triggered. A Delay node is placed after every second spark machine spawn, allowing them to turn on two at a time for dramatic effect. The delay amount is controlled by a variable named "Delay Timing," which allows for quick control of the blueprint without actually modifying the blueprint.