This is the final result! After ten weeks of iteration, we finally ended up with a mock advertisement that the whole team is proud of. I can safely say that this is the best group project I've ever worked on during my time at SCAD, and it feels good to be leaving Savannah on a high note. I must thank my teammates Ian Harvey, Tristan Nguyen, and Anna Roan for making this possible, as well as our mentors from The Mill, Todd Akita, Kyle Cody, and Billy Jang, as well as Professors Deborah Fowler and Bridget Gaynor for their constant feedback and support. 
I primarily worked on effects, which include the fireworks, the car sparks, and the fountain fireworks. I also created a spline-based procedural system for the wire racks in the background, which proved its value when we needed to double the height of the playing field and fill in vertical space.