Sparks (01/17/2020)
I spent some time tweaking my sparks following some feedback from Professor Fowler. This mostly meant tweaking parameters in the collision module of my spark system. This iteration is shown with a moving emitter, which meant that the life of the particles had to be shortened and the velocity of the particles had to be decreased to accommodate the moving emitter. A curl noise was added to add slight variation in the sparks. I also added a light renderer to allow it to illuminate the scene slightly.

Niagara settings for the sparks

Pinball Ramp (01/14/2020)

Pinball Ramp generator in Unreal, brought in via Houdini Engine

Since my sparks only need minimal tweaking, I figured I would focus my energy on helping out with some of the modeling. Houdini Engine in Unreal is still 17.5, so any assets made in Houdini for Houdini Engine should be made in 17.5 and not 18.
The ramp is based off an Unreal spline, which is then fed into Houdini engine. I tried to keep it as simple as possible to keep calculation time in Unreal down. Much of the calculation is done by manipulating normals.
One neat trick I discovered to rotate a normal precisely 90 degrees was to swap the x and z values and negate one of them:
Next steps are to make the distance between connectors random and possibly add a second set of guard rails at the beginning of the ramp.
Perforce & Folder Structure (01/13/2020)
User should be SpeedRacers, not dfowler.
Unreal naming conventions can be found here. Additional prefixes I am in the habit of using:
HE_ Houdini Engine Assets
NE_ Niagara Emitter
NS_ Niagara System
NM_ Niagara Module Script
Unreal assets will go into the appropriate subfolder in Unreal. Levels go in the levels subfolder, environment assets go in the environment folder, etc. For ease of recognition, I’ve colored the folders that we will be using teal.
For backing up files, there is Project Files directory. Our own backups will each go in a folder with our names on it. For instance, my hip files are stored in Project Files > Jessica > pinball.hipnc.