Sparks (01/26/2020)
Sparks have been adjusted to add more variation (using curl force noise). However, the positional data from the car can’t be fed to the spark system without joints in the car. Sparks are on hold while I do R&D on how to properly import the animated car.
Fireworks (01/25/2020)
The fireworks are created as a series of emitters within a Niagara system. The first particle emitter emits one nonrendered particle that determines the direction of the overall firework setup. The second emitter is the particle trail that emits from the first particle emitter.
The third emitter is a nonrendered delay particle that allows for a slight delay between when the firework reaches the top and when the burst starts. The fourth emitter is the burst itself, while the fifth emitter are the particle trails that each of the particles from the fourth emitter leave behind.

Emitter 1: Lead particle. This nonrendered particle generates both a location event (sent every frame) for the lead trail (emitter 2) and a death event (sent upon particle death) for the delay particle (emitter 3).

Emitter 2: Tail of lead particle. Spawn count is set in the event handler rather than the emitter spawn module. A custom receive location event module was created to change the default spawn location.

Custom receive location event module script (inset). The bulk of the script was copied over from the default receive location module. The modified script disregards inherited acceleration and multiplies the spacing interval (which determines the distance between each spawned particle and is based off the inherited life and age of the particle) by 0.1.

Emitter 3: Delay particle. This nonrendered particle spawns upon the death of the first lead particle. Upon death, it sends a death event to the burst system, starting the burst of the firework system.

Emitter 4: Burst lead particles. These particles spawn upon the death of the delay particle. They also send a location event to the burst tail particles once per frame.

Emitter 5: Burst tail particles. Spawns for each particle from the burst emitter at every frame.