Fountain Fireworks (02/22/2020)
The color of the sparks in the fountain fireworks now vary over time. At birth, they are an eggshell white, but once they've hit about one third of their lifespan, they become a light yellow. 
To make the color scale over time properly, I added a color curve on the Scale Color module in the Particle Update section of the system. Interestingly enough, the particles wouldn't show up unless I set the alpha in the Scale RGB section of Scale Color to be zero throughout its whole life. The Scale Alpha section of the Scale Color module retained its original curve. 
Additionally, I created an emission wedge since there was some discussion on how bright the fountain sparks should actually be.
Animation Update (02/20/2020)
Reimported the animation with the new rig. The cause of the weird tire movement was that the pivot point of the tires wasn't in the exact center, so the new rig had the tire pivots moved to the center of the tires. Unfortunately, the pivot is still a tiny bit off (likely by a few thousandths), which causes very minor jiggle once the animation is imported into Unreal. However, given our current camera angles and lighting setup, it is hard to see the tiny amount of jiggle, so I doubt that we will need to send it back to the rigger for further refinement.